Customers abroad

Our store is mainly served customers from Hungary - website language is Hungarian and used currency is in HUF (Hungarian Forint). But we are certain fulfill order requests from abroad.

Where do we deliver to?

We are ready to deliver to all European countries. We have partners mainly in EU countries which are nearby or close to Hungary. Our satisfied customer base is in Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania and Croatia also. On top of this we fulfill orders from Czech Republic, Poland and other countries also.

What currency do we accept?

We accept EUR currency for payment.

How can you buy from abroad?

Send us your enquiry via email to our email address, info@largeprint.hu.

We create quote/proforma for your demand.

Your first (few) purchase(s) from us is always paid in advance. You can pay our proforma invoice by wire transfer OR via PayPal.

What about the pricing?

Please contact us for exact pricing.

Shipping: If you need delivery, we can calculate shipping fees to your location. We are using the following carriers: DHL, UPS, TNT and their contractors.

Pick up: You can manage shipping by your own forwarder. Pick up is available at our location.

Company: Fami-Stat Ltd.

Address: 8 Jako Street

City: Jaszarokszallas

Postal code: H-5123

Country: Hungary

Contact phone: +36 30 538 3345

Do you have more questions?

We are ready to answer all upcoming questions.

Email address: info@largeprint.hu

Phone: +36 30 538 3345



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